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With roots in the Fowlerville area it was with great joy that Sarah, along with her husband and two children, moved back to Livingston county to start a little farm in 2020. Moved by a desire to create access to autonomous, comprehensive care for every season of life Sarah brings a background in anthropology, social work, and trauma informed care to midwifery. 


Sarah began supporting birthing families as a doula in 2013 and followed with studying midwifery in 2016. Following the apprenticeship model Sarah trained in six midwifery practices, affording her the opportunity to be launched into the non profit world working with pregnancy and parenting teens, serve the Amish community, and work closely with a variety of providers. Sarah’s midwifery training had a concentration on; handling emergent situations in rural areas without access to hospital transfer, trauma informed care, and herbalism. In 2021, she completed the NARM exam and became a CPM. She believes that health and reproductive care should be empowering, individualized, and family/community centered as it truly takes a village.


Kaleen Mallon Student Midwife

Kaleen is a doula, who after two beautiful home births of her own felt called to learn midwifery and provide the care to her community that she received. Kaleen attends Southwest tech, and has taken on the role of primary student in our practice, helping to lead and teach less senior students and help provide the patient lead care that we pride ourselves on at MMC. Kaleen offers placental encapsulation with discount for Michigan Midwifery Co patients.

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Mercedes is a third year midwifery student, doula, mother of five. She has long had a passion for pregnancy and birth. Coffee and CrossFit give her the energy she needs to also attend births with MMC as a birth assistant and we are so pleased that she's made room for us.



Adrian is an IBCLC and owner of Huron River Lactation located in Milford. Adrian has long been a fantastic resource for lactating parents in the community and we are thrilled to partner to offer lactation preparedness classes to all homebirth clients at no additional cost to them.  

Lactation | Huron River Lactation | Milford Charter Township

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